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Linking households

Mansion-Interior speicalises in merging and connecting adjacent units of households and reorganisation of space. We aspre to maximise the benefits of the user, by making good use of every bits of space in the house.

Our designers are capable of merging units of flats effectively and efficiently whilst assisting our customers as they encounter other issues, such as: changes of space intervals, beam problems, redistribution of room spaces. In addition, Mansion will also be able to provide consultation and services for other problems arise, such as hydropower engineering and renovations.

Rooftop gardens

Rooftop gardens are also one of Mansion's strengths. Living in a bustling city, tranquility has become rare and luxurious. Sometimes we just want to take a break from our lives, keep ourselves away from the noise of the city, and enjoy the sense of freedom, bonding with the presence of nature.

By taking advantage of balconies and roof terraces, Mansion-Interior provides you our professional advice and services in the aspects of design and materials, assisting you to create your personal paradise, adding more colours to your life.

duplex staircases

Regarding duplex units, a rooftop design is one of the most essential elements considered. Besides the other projects mentioned, Mansion-Interior also specialises constructing and designing built-in stairs that are attached to the rooftop. Duplex units provide more space and freedom when it comes to design and decoration, the role of built-in staircases also become more important. Staircases do not only link the upper and lower levels in a house, the design and decoration of the staircase itself also reflect the taste and style of the owner.


Our designers are capable of displaying different styles that complements our customer's preferences, while balancing aesthetics and function.

Wine cooler

For most people, alcohol has become a necessity in daily lives. However, it does not matter what types of wines you prefer the most, you will always need a wine cooler to preserve them as your collection grows bigger and bigger. Most large-scale wine coolers in the market are designed for commercial uses and it could be difficult when it comes to owning one of those at home.

​One of Mansion-Interior's services involves tailor making large-scale wine coolers for home usage. We provide professional consulting and services including purchases, placements and maintenances, leading you to a more modish lifestyle.

Indoor golf

Perhaps because of the under-supply of land, golf has become such a luxurious sport in Hong Kong. Although some may prefer the experience in simulation games, but it can never be compared with the sensations of exhilaration when you are swinging your favourite golf club.

Mansion-Interior introduce you our in-house and indoor gold courses. We can build and design your own private golf course according to your preferences, from the size of the court, the style and even the smallest details such as the textures of the turfs. Making good use of every single bits of free spaces at home, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of golf at home.

Italian furnitures

Italian furniture has always held a noble position in the interior design industry, strongly influencing global trends. From the traditional aristocratic style to a more modern and trendy approach, Italian furnitures has always been a popular consideration among aesthetes.


Italian furnitures emphasises appearance, with a revolutionary style and exceptional choices of materials while maintaining a standard of elegancy. Therefore it has always been Mansion-Interior's first choice as it correlates with our style.  Whether is is furnitures from traditional brands or innovative and fashionable furniture pieces, Mansion's purchasing team will always assist you with the most professional manner, integrating the elegance of European art and culture into your home.

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